Free eBook About Harmonics on Guitar

How To Play Guitar Harmonics eBook

Tommaso Zillio

Here you can download your FREE eBook ”How to Play Guitar Harmonics”. By reading this eBook you will learn: Free Guitar Harmonics eBook

  • The position of all Natural and Pinch harmonics on guitar, so that you will be able to play them with 100% accuracy and reliability
  • The techniques to play natural, pinch, tap, and classical harmonics, so that you will be able to perform them correctly without struggling. The eBook includes photos of the actual techniques being performed.
  • How to train yourself in order to be able to play all these techniques with minimum effort and at a moment’s notice.

This eBook is an absolutely indispensable item if you ever wanted to make your guitar scream in a metal solo, or if you ever wanted to learn how to produce these bell-like sounds on guitar. Save yourself the frustration of figuring out the harmonic positions and technique by trial and error!

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