How To Harmonize A Melody - Harmonizing Melodies

“I Can’t Find the Right Chords for My Song”

by Tommaso Zillio

A very common problem that you are going to run through sooner or later is to be able to find the right chords for a melody. It may be a melody that you imagined (like a song that you are creating or a melody one of your friends is humming (and he wants you to accompany with the guitar) or it may be the melody of a song you know (and that you are trying to transcribe by ear).

In music theory we call this kind of problem “harmonization of a given melody”. The good news is that the solution to this problem is, after all is said and done, quite simple: everybody can understand how to properly harmonize a melody. The bad news is that the explanation to the harmonization procedure is usually buried in music theory books among lots of other topics, and it is not easy to retrieve the useful information for people who are not very familiar with how music theory works. But fear not.

Free harmonization eBook

If you wish to learn how harmonizing a melody really works, I have created an eBook that goes straight to the useful information. By reading it and playing the examples inside you will be able to harmonize your own melodies in a little time and with little to no effort!

By reading this eBook you will find:

  • How pros harmonize a melody, so that you too will be able to find the right chords for the song you have in mind!
  • How chords support a melodic line, so that you will be able to transcribe any song by ear starting from the melody and finding the chords that relate to it.
  • A step-by-step explanation of all concepts, with all mp3 audio examples transcribed in Tablature and Standard Notation, so that you can learn directly on your guitar and understand everything that is explained.
  • Multiple Solutions are provided so that you can see how harmonization is a CREATIVE process, not a mechanical one!

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