Mapping Guitar Music Theory - A Music Theory Complete Map

Music Theory Map

by Tommaso Zillio

Map of Music Theory You are just one step away from downloading your FREE map of music theory. This map will help you in:

  • Learning the topics that you ACTUALLY will need to know based on your goals, thus saving you literally years of time.
  • Proceeding through music theory in the right order, preventing you from getting frustrated because you tackled a topic too advanced for you, or bored because you are studying something not advanced enough!
  • Staying on the right track. Print out the map, put it in your practice space, and you will always know where you are and what you need to do at a glance!

My suggestion is to print out the Music Theory Map and to color all the items you are already familiar with. Then highlight your ultimate goals, and hang the map so that you can see it every time you practice your guitar. This way you will be sure to leverage on the visual aspect of mapping music theory: you will know where you are, where you need to go, and you will track your progress easily.

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