Alberto Milone

Alberto Milone

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Alberto Milone

Course: Master of the Modes

Alberto Milone is a software engineer, and a (mostly self-taught) hobbyist guitarist.

After starting learning acoustic guitar at the age of 30, after going through a rough patch, and hoping to turn over a new leaf, Alberto started gaining confidence, jamming at parties, and writing his own music. Pretty soon, though, he realised he had hit the limits of his musical knowledge.

Stuck when composing music, tired of using always the same beaten paths, and looking for tasty new melodies, Alberto found in Tommaso Zillio's course an extremely clear, concise, and pragmatic guide to understanding modes, scales, and much more. He could finally get a a much better grasp of the inner workings of music. The course opened up a whole new world to him, and turned guitars (now including electrics) into a serious addiction for Alberto.

"Master of the Modes gives you the key to understanding music. It gives you the tools to understand how songs work, and it helps you understand why they sound the way they do. The course gives you something to play with from the beginning. And, even when it comes down to learning scales patterns, the course recommends ways to memorize them which are extremely effective.

"This course changed my life. Moving across the fretboard is a breeze, and I finally feel that I know what I am doing when I play. Now I have the tools to express my emotions in songs. This is priceless to me."

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