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Here you will find all the free eBooks and Courses offered for FREE on this website. Feel free to download all of them, use them to your heart's content, and make the music YOU like.

Chord Tone Soloint

Free Chord Tone Soloing Video Course

NEW: When you improvise a guitar lead you keep hitting all the 'wrong notes' and struggle to find the 'right' ones? You know that you have to hit the chord notes, but you struggle to do it in real time? Or maybe you have not idea at all of how to find the 'right' notes.

Well, here's just what the doctor ordered: the free video course on Chord Tone Soloing: How To Always Play The Right Note At The Right Time.

In this course we will explore together how to find the right notes on the fretboard (not just in theory) and how to practice to do everything in real time so that you will be ready to have fun at your next jam.

Music Theory Map

Free Music Theory Map: Find Your Way Around Music Theory

Do you need to learn all music theory? What part of music theory is relevant to your goals and what is not? How do you know where you are exactly in your learning process and what would be the next thing to study? To answer this and many other question, here is our very popular map of music theory that will allow you to learn theory in the correct order and help you stay on the right track!

Includes a larger format that you can print as a poster (using a normal printer) so you can hang it in your practice space!

Free beginning music theory eBook

Beginning Music Theory Guide Free eBook

Are you a complete beginner on music theory on guitar and you need some help in starting from absolute zero? Don't worry: we got you covered! You can download here your free copy of our Beginning Music Theory Guide: this short and simple eBook will get you started so that later you can move to our more advanced eBook and courses.

If you need a gentle but comprehensive introduction to music theory on guitar, this is the eBook you want to read first!

Free harmonization eBook

“I Can’t Find the Right Chords for My Song”

Ok, you wrote a great melody for your song. Now you want to put some chords behind that... how do you do that? Trial and error is a very slow method, but what else can you do?

Here you will find a simple FREE eBook on finding the right chords for any melody that will help you in no time!

reading music

“Reading Notation, Tablature, Nashville Notation, And More”

Do you need help in getting started on how to read Standard Notation, Tablature, Nashville Notation, Chord Numerals, etc etc.? These things may sound complex but in fact they are quite easy to get started with.

Here you will find an easy and free eBook on Music Notations

that will help you take the first steps.
Guitar Harmonics

How To Play Guitar Harmonics Free eBook

One of the techniques that REQUIRE you to know some music theory is playing harmonics on guitar (both natural and artificial harmonics). If you hear Dimebag Darrel or Joe Satriani make their guitar squeal, and you are not able to, then what you are missing is most likely the basic music theory to understand how harmonics work! Luckily for you, we wrote a free eBook on how to play harmonics on guitar, covering theory, practice, and the position of ALL harmonics on your guitar (yes, ALL of them!)

Download here your free copy of the How To Play Guitar Harmonics eBook

Phrygian Dominant Scale

What Guitar Scales I Need To Know In Order to Play Metal

Are you tired of using the same old pentatonic box? Yes, the pentatonic is a great scale, but sometimes your solo needs a different kick! If you are playing in a metal band, chances are that you don't want another "bluesy" solo: you want a tasty "exotic" solo instead!

Learn here the exotic scales most used in metal. Don't get stuck on the usual "box pattern" blues licks! (5 minutes read)

... And now that you have seen the free resources, if you want to take the next step and are ready to get serious, head over to see our Guitar Theory Courses that will take you from the Beginner/Intermediate level to Advanced and beyond.

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