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Chord Tone Soloing FREE Course

by Tommaso Zillio

You are just a moment away from getting your FREE course Chord Tone Soloing: How To Always Play The Right Note At The Right Time. If you want to get to the course right now then scroll to the bottom of the page and follow the instruction... or just keep reading:

What Is Chord Tone Soloing?

Chord Tone Soloing is a technique to play the "right" notes over whenever you are playing a guitar solo over a backing track or jamming with your friends. It can be applied at all levels, from beginner to advanced

  • If you are a beginner, Chord Tone Soloing will help you choose a few great-sounding notes that will work on YOUR song, so you can play a simple solo that will sound GREAT
  • If you are already advanced, it will help you making your improvisation more musical and it will also help in making sense of how the solos you love are 'built' (and how you can do the same yourself)
  • For every guitar player: you will also learn how to connect brain, ears, and 'feelings' together so that your leads will sound the way YOU want

Literally EVERY famous guitar player that you know of uses Chord Tone Soloing in virtually every solo they play. It's really the center and focus of theory applied to guitar - and it's easy to learn and apply (if you train it correctly) Chord Tone Soloing Course

You can learn Chord Tone Soloing easily by using the FREE Chord Tone Soloing Course

What You Will Learn In This Free Course

Here are a few of the things that we will work on together:

  • How to break down Chord Tone Soloing in simple, trainable, and easily manageable steps
  • How to train to make Chord Tone Soloing second nature, so you can spend your brain power to make music rather than doing "chord mathematics"
  • The simple way to solo over a mostly "in-key" chord progression that has ONE chord out of key (many famous songs do this)
  • Using chord notes inside scales vs using chord notes inside arpeggios: why the sound is different and how you can use these two approaches in different situations
  • An easy way to improvise a solo over a progression where the chords are out of key with each other
  • How to use what you learned to play over backing tracks (included!)

... and more.

What Will You Get With Each Session

The course is delivered in multiple sessions. Each session contains:

  1. A video of the session, that explains what you need to know and how to train it (when we talk about guitar, knowledge without training is useless)
  2. A PDF file transcription of the course, that includes diagrams and tablature of the examples made in the video, so you can read word-by-word and understand the concepts at your own pace
  3. The MP3 audio of the video session, that you can put it in your iPod/iPhone so you can review the lesson away from the computer (while you are at the gym, while you are driving your car, etc)
  4. 2 Training backing tracks, so you can start immediately to practice everything you learned

You will receive ALL sessions immediately, so you can go through them as fast or slow as you want. You will also be able to review past sessions at will

The course is completely free, no string attached

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Is this course really free?
    • YES :-)
  • Why you are offering this course for free?
    • Because many guitar players are frustrated with the problem of not being able to find the "right" notes, and I know how to help them. And, if I can be completely honest, I also hope that you like this free course so much and have so much fun in learning new things on your guitar that you consider taking one of my other music theory guitar courses too... but if you decide not to take them and are content with just the free Chord Tone Soloing, that is fine too - just send me an email if you like it ;-)

How Do I Get My FREE Chord Tone Soloing Course?

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