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Finally Learn ALL The Notes Over ALL Your Fretboard - Without Pain!

Give me 5 minutes of your time, and I will show you how you can learn permanently and instantly recall all the notes of your guitar fretboard so that you will NEVER get lost anymore on the guitar neck.

Does this sound familiar to you?:

They told you that one of the most important things to sound great on your guitar is to “learn the fretboard”… but they never told you WHAT to learn exactly, or more importantly, HOW to go about it.

  • When you see great players, they seem to know exactly where to put their fingers to find a D note or an Ab note. How do they do it? Is it magic? (Hint: no)

  • You may learn a few scale patterns, but you are still getting lost on the fretboard. Is it your fault? (Answer: no!)

  • Some people tell you that these things just “come with experience”… but you are starting to wonder if there is something you are missing (spoiler alert: yes, there is… and it’s what I’m showing you below. Keep reading)

Honestly, I know how you feel. I had the same problem: I kept getting lost on the fretboard, I was able to play only on the lowest frets, and while later I has some “favorite” spots on the fretboard, most of it was still a mystery.

And everything was super-hard! Since I had no idea what notes I was playing - or how to find them - then everything I was taught in music theory made absolutely no sense at all.

It took me forever to put together enough tips and tricks to build my fretboard knowledge… and it took forever because I was learning everything in the wrong order. I wasted an immense amount of time - but you don’t have to!

I have collected and systematized the best ways I found to learn the notes on the fretboard.

Then I tested them extensively on my students, refined what I found, and tested it again…

…until I ended up with an easy, compact, user-friendly system that anybody can use and that will make you learn the notes on the fretboard permanently and without any pain.

And the best thing? it takes only 5 minutes a day

You will find the whole system in this free Video + eBook.

Here’s a few things I discovered - and thoroughly tested with my students - and that you will find in this eBook + Video

    nodes guitar eBook
  • No time to learn the fretboard? You don’t need MORE practice time: you just need to STOP doing a very common - but stupid - thing (page 14)

  • Why learning your fretboard is useless unless you have INSTANT note recall (page 6)

  • What is the best app to learn your fretboard (page 19)

  • Why trying to “memorize” the fretboard backfires… and what is the much easier and more effective way to go about it (page 16)

  • The most important piece of tech you need to learn the guitar fretboard PERMANENTLY. You probably have it already… or can get it for free (page 24)

  • Is it best to use notes or intervals to find your way around the fretboard? The answer will surprise you (page 9)

  • And much more...

REMARK: all of the above is incredibly SIMPLE… but it works only if you dedicate 5 minutes of practice to it every day (weekend excluded). No need to invest hours - indeed, that’s counterproductive! - it’s MUCH simpler than that, but you DO have to play through the few simple exercises I show you.

If you just want to watch these videos to be entertained… then it won’t work for you.

If instead the idea finally SEE the fretboard and find your bearing over ALL the guitar neck appeals to you and you’re not afraid to of practicing some new exercises, then

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