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Courses: Master of the Modes, Complete Chord Mastery

Tommaso grabs the idea of pentatonic scales, modes and arpeggio's and gives you with this course a perspective from the big picture as well as he gives you a picture on the small side (micro level) when it comes down to covering the topic of scales and modes on guitar. It's that overview I like very much. - that big picture thinking.

It's not a cheap course but it's the most in depth course I 've ever seen for so far. I don't need any further explanation because everything is explained very clearly.

This course is really for the serious players out there. I don't have that much friends who are as serious as me when it comes to muic theory. I certainly recommend them this course.

The chord course is from the same level as the modes course. I remember one of the first sessions about triads string chord voicings - very cool to write music with because it can create a lot of tension. The spotlight sessions are covering all the chords in isolation (with substitution chords) and into context.

This course covers not only just chords but let you also experiment with them in different functional situations. The exercises give you you an in depth understanding of what everything is. Certainly I felt difficulties when studying all those cadences on my own. This course let you all grasp it with ease. I'm very happy about it until now...and probably later too so totally no complaining ;-)

I'm also writing dance music with guitars. (hope to do some day live acts with DJ's) those both courses are certainly the best reference books I can imagine when it comes to theory.

I saw some darkness in my life so I will write some pieces of music about darkness, dark creatures, etc...these courses can help me with this on a the theory side.


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