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Darryl Powis

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Darryl Powis

Courses: Master of the Modes, Complete Chord Mastery


Darryl Powis is a guitar teacher, player and performer based in London in the UK. Primarily he owns and runs Guitar Tuition East London, a guitar school where he helps students to make a lot of progress in their guitar playing - even if they never thought they had any talent.

An ex member of bands Neon Nurse and This Blank Page, Darryl is now writing solo guitar material and keeps his youtube page up to date with guitar tips and tricks to help people learn guitar.

Darryl has worked as a musician since he left high school. With wildly eclectic music tastes he has studied with guitarists Tom Hess, Tommy Emmanuel, Joscho Stephan, Martin Taylor and is inspired by some great bands such as Everything Everything, It Bites and Friendly Fires. This has lead to Neon Nurse's electronic tracks to still contain distinct guitar melodies.


Voodoo in the Basement:

Animal Nature:


How do You Do:



On Master Of The Modes: "My favorite thing about the Master of the Modes so far is not just the amount of amazing tips, tricks and things that I can use in my music composing and songwriting. The thing that I love the most is the way to that Tommaso had applied it to the guitar, in a way that makes it easy for me to learn, to use, and use right now even when some of the concepts are quite difficult.

"Tommaso knows exactly where he is taking me, and I can see everything building along that path so that I know exactly what's happening on the guitar and I can use it to play something live in the moment or I can use to compose or songwriting.

"It's very useful!"

On Complete Chord Mastery: "This course gets you to use Jazz and Classical theory so you can understand both worlds, write chord progressions in both, and see where they cross over and just have different terminology for the same thing and where they differ as well.

"One of the big things I know people avoid guitar theory for is that they have to go learn things on piano first. With this course you're straight onto your guitar. It gets you to play stuff straight away so you can start writing songs with it very very quickly.

"I also love that Tommaso applies it to many different styles: this will work great with Metal, this will work with Funk, Rock, Pop. I absolutely love the stuff on Gospel as well, I thought that was really cool."

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