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Derek Steep

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Derek Steep

Courses: Master of the Modes, Complete Chord Mastery

"Master of the Modes is not your Youtube quick fix video on how to master the modes in 30 minutes, but a well-thought out course that offers MASSIVE depth, content and a logical order that helps you understand and apply the modes in your own compositions.

"It clears up many misconceptions about this topic and gives you a step by step, coherent way of learning them instead of a piecemeal of faulty information. All the information is presented in a various ways, so you can continuously re-enforce your learning of the materials.

"I highly recommend this course if you want to learn and understand the modes with the least pain and frustration. When I recommend this to a friend I simply tell them: 'Look, you can think about taking this course forever and continue by fishing for the next free Youtube video, trying to piece it all together, get frustrated and give up after a while OR you can get rid of the modes problem once and for all by taking this course. Your choice.'"


Indigo Way:

Into Pieces:

You can read more about Derek Steep and his project The Mimicry Of Shadows at:
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