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Rene' Kerkdyk

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Rene' Kerkdyk

Courses: Complete Chord Mastery

René Kerkdyk is a guitar instructor living and teaching in Hildesheim, Germany.

"I love that from the beginning until the end of Complete Chord Mastery I knew exactly what to do to get better.

"Right in the first session I received a Spotlight session that showed me what to do with the information in the course. That way I was able to make music from the get go.

" Some of the topics (for example the harmonization with 7th chords) were so amazing and easy to to that I couldn't stop playing the guitar afterwards.

"I absolutely recommend it! There is nobody who cannot learn a lot from this. It's not only the topics covered but also the clear explanations, the application of those context and the possibility to hear you play all that.

"The Complete Chord Mastery course is so informative and so fun that I'm a bit sad it's already over.

"Fortunately the input is so broad that going through the course a second (and third and fourth) time is super valuable. Because of that the task ahead of me at first seemed overwhelming, but Tommaso helped me to break it down into manageable chunks and make it easy to get better."

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