Rudolf Dinges

Rudolf Dinges

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Rudolf Dinges

Courses: Master of the Modes, Complete Chord Mastery

"I enjoyed the Master of the Modes course in it's strictly presented way of special steps. The continuous progress from lesson to lesson resulted in a obvious learning achievement, which was so significant to feel. The included "specials", delivered with the main course are still keeping me busy for several exercises.

"I have made the experience that a teacher provided me with a certain shape, and just stated: "This is the mode... learn!"

"During the Master of the modes course by Tommaso Zillio I have learned how the whole details presented in the lessons are linked with each other, and I received a complete summary of the structure of music theory. It was very impressive to learn about the developing of the modes and to get a vast overview to an overall context, something that I never heard of in other courses or by other teachers.

"I would always recommend this course to friends and colleagues because I can see how they are partially wasting time in learning the wrong way. This quick and effective course has a perfect didactic composition, which is a vital advantage in comparison with other courses"


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