The Ultimate Collection Of Cadential Modulations

Looking For Ready-Made Creative Ways To Change Keys In Your Songs?

You are writing a song, your verse is in A minor but your chorus is in Db major. What do you do? (Panic!)

You know only one way (or not even that…) to go from the key of C major to the key of F# minor and that way really does not work in your song?

You want to find great-sounding chord progressions that you can use in your music NOW that are not limited to just one key?

You can find free resources on modulations (i.e. key changes) all over the internet… however, what you find are just generic “by-the-book” simple modulations. Boring!

Most of the time they give you just ONE modulation. Like: “this is THE way to modulate from E minor to Db major”… when in reality there are dozens and dozens of correct ways to go from any key to any other key…

… and many of these sound a lot better than the cheesy, lame one you find online or in textbooks.

With “lame” I mean: the modulation that sounds the least emotional, surprising and dramatic.

… you don’t want that in your music!

But where are you going to find more interesting modulations?

Is there a resource out there that gives you some interesting modulations that still sound smooth but at the same time make your audience turn their heads and say: “Wow, what was THAT???”

Well, NOW it (finally!) exists!

The Ultimate Collection Of Cadential Modulations - 2998 Modulations You Can Use Immediately!

After a long and fruitless search for a good collection of modulations that actually work in real music, I spent years creating it myself.

This easy-to-use collection gives you more modulations than you have ever seen before… and it will inspire you to write cool (and better) new music.

Changing keys not only won’t be a problem anymore, you’ll be looking forward to changing keys like a pro all the time because you’ll be able to create more dramatic and interesting music when you learn how easily you can do so and how many ways you can do so.

Your audience will just go: WOW!

What You Get In The Ultimate Collection Of Cadential Modulations:

  • 2998 uniquely different Cadential Modulations, carefully chosen to be the best-sounding among all the possible cadential modulations.

  • 4 MASSIVE volumes - more than 600 pages each! – given to you in digital PDF format.

    • Volume 0: How To Use This Collection
    • Volume 1: From Major To Major, pages 1-800
    • Volume 2: From Major To Minor, pages 801-1659
    • Volume 3: From Minor To Major, pages 1660-2330
    • Volume 4: From Minor To Minor, pages 2331-3046
  • You get at least 47 different options to conjoin any two keys - and that’s the minimum: for some key choices, you have up to 79 possible options. (on average there are 62 modulations for any pair of keys you choose - including mixing major and minor keys!)

  • Every one of the 2998 cadential modulations is explained chord by chord, so you know why every chord has been chosen and what the function of each chord is in both keys.

  • Every modulation has been transposed to all keys, so you can plug it in immediately into your song. That means, you’re getting 2998 unique cadential modulations that are also transposed to all 12 keys. That means what you’re really getting is 2998 x 12 = 35,976 modulation possibilities!

  • In every chapter, you find the modulations ordered from the shortest to the longest, and also from smoothest to more dramatic, so you can easily pick a modulation that suits your songs and style.

  • Some modulations go directly from one key to another, and some go through 1 or more temporary keys instead. The path of every modulation is shown on the circle of 5ths (see image below)

Not clear enough? You want more information?

Watch the whole explanatory video that comes with the Ultimate Collection Of Cadential Modulations here, so you can see exactly what is inside:

(When you get the Ultimate Collection, I also give you the transcript of this video and the included examples)

How Is This Collection Different Than Any Other Collection Or Resource On Modulations That You Can Find Out There?

  • This is the largest curated collection of cadential modulations existing to date. The modulations have been chosen so that they all sound good, and fit all styles of music.

  • Most other resources out there give you ONE option for modulating between two keys… and often, it’s the shortest modulation possible.

    But that’s a mistake: the modulation should not just be a “band aid” in your music to connect two sections: it should be a meaningful, emotional part of the song.

    What you want in order to write cool music is longer and more dramatic options (and you find them in this collection).

  • Having every single modulation transcribed to every key makes it SO MUCH EASIER to put these modulations in your songs without having to mentally transpose them all.

  • Seeing the path along the circle of 5ths shown graphically makes it much easier for you to pick the best modulation for your song. You want a twisty emotional journey? Pick the modulation with the path that winds back and forth the circle of 5ths. You want a fast modulation that takes you to another key smoothly and without fuss? Pick the most direct path.

  • Oh, and before I forget: this Collection is suited to any instrument: guitar, piano, violin, saxophone, ukulele, dulcimer, it does not matter. As long as you can read and play (or arpeggiate) chords, you can use the Ultimate Collection Of Cadential Modulations.

Rest assured: there is NOTHING ELSE like this out there.

What’s The Catch?

So, is this collection the final word on Modulations, and the only thing you would ever need?

Well, NO (hey, I’m honest), for 3 reasons:

  1. To use this collection, you need to be able to play major, minor, and dominant chords on your instrument AND properly voice-lead them for the best effect. This Collection does not explain how to do that (my course Complete Chord Mastery teaches this, and much more)

  2. This collection contains only cadential modulations, i.e. modulations that are mediated by a cadence. These are the most common modulations out there, and will suit any style - but these are not all the possible modulations. If you want to be able to write modulations that are not cadential modulations, I recommend you take my course Modulation Mastery.

  3. You can have this collection for FREE (YES, I’m serious!). I offer this entire collection as a bonus with my course Modulation Mastery. And honestly, I think that the best bang for your buck is to get Modulation Mastery … but I got multiple requests to make this collection available on its own, so here we are.

If you are ok with the 3 points above, scroll to the end of this page and click on the “Add To Cart” button with confidence: this collection is for you.

If you are NOT ok with the points above, then I recommend you take one of my other courses. Feel free to contact me if you need help choosing the best course for you.

If you are ok with the points above, then:

  1. Scroll down. You will see the order box that will get you instant access to this Collection

  2. Click on the orange “Add To Cart” button,

  3. On the next page, fill the simple form and click “Complete Your Order”

… then you can instantly download The Ultimate Collection Of Cadential Modulations - 2998 Modulations You Can Use Immediately!

P.S. Still not convinced? How valuable are these modulations to you? With the price above, each modulation is less than 24 cents!

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