Modulation Mastery Course - Master Modulations In Music

The Secrets Of Creating Intense Emotions In Your Audience Using Modulations (Key Changes) - Finally Revealed In An Easy-To-Understand And Practical Way For Both Guitar And Piano

Why Do You Create Music?

Simple: because you want to experience strong emotions and have your listeners do the same. You want to express yourself and make them feel something. You want to communicate directly to their soul.

For centuries, one of the best-kept secrets of composers and songwriters to make grown adults cry like babies is using modulations (in special ways).

Using the right modulations is like rocket fuel for emotional expression in music. These modulations are often the single most powerful moment within a song or piece of music – I’ll prove this to you in just a moment.

However, modulations (i.e. key changes) are probably the most confusing and frustrating area of music. Why?

Because most music theory books, videos, or websites:

  • Just gloss over how modulations work and it ends there.

  • Show you just ONE way to create modulations… when in reality there are several!

  • Teach you how to change key only in one specific style (usually Classical Music or Jazz).

  • Never help you to put what you learn in practice... you walk away thinking you “more or less got it”, but the first time you try to write a change of key you realize that you don’t really know how to do it!

… And these are just the technical problems.

But the real problem is: all these resources are teaching you (or more accurately, fail to teach you) how to modulate as an exercise and not something you can ever really use to write incredible music that changes keys.

You know, like: “My teacher gave me this exercise to modulate between these two keys. How do I do that?”

If THAT was the reason to learn modulations, I’d say, “Who cares! I don’t want to pass a test. I want to make music!”

But that’s exactly what all these books, videos, and websites miss completely: Modulations were literally invented to give you more emotional power when writing music!

Let me explain:

Modulations Are NOT A “Problem”

Most people think of modulations as a “problem” to be solved, or as an “exercise” to be completed. Such as:

  • “My verse and chorus are in different keys. How do I connect them?”

  • “I have an awkward transition in my song, how do I smooth it out?”

  • “My teacher gave me this exercise to modulate between these two keys. How do I do that?”

And let me be clear here, these are legit and important uses for modulations… but they are missing the main point of changing keys.

Let’s recap: Why do you write music?

Simple: because you want to experience strong emotions and have your listeners do the same. You want to express yourself and make them feel something. You want to communicate directly to their soul.

In order to do that, everything in your song should serve that goal.

So, it goes without saying that the key changes in your song should do that too: they should be a purposeful, EMOTIONAL part of the songs, not just “after-the-fact” joints between sections of music.

The danger of thinking of modulations only as a “problem” is that you will be pushed to think about the “easiest”, “most direct” and “most correct” modulation, as if changing keys was a mathematical problem that has only one solution.

But in reality, the easy “by-the-book” modulation could actually ruin the effect of the key change. Indeed, an over-reliance of “by-the-book” solutions has made modulations sound boring.

Your listener does not want the “most direct” modulation! Your listener wants an emotional journey, filled with drama.

So rather than “an exercise” or “a problem”, you should think of modulations as:

  • An opportunity: to leverage the emotional differences between keys where you can evoke strong emotions in your listeners.

  • A way of composing: purposefully set different parts of your music in different keys, so you can compose a meaningful modulation. It makes your music more interesting, more engaging, and more emotional! Plus, it opens up so many more possibilities to write better music.

  • An important part of the art of music: once you master the technique, you will be able to write entire pieces of original music by simply choosing 3-4 keys and writing modulations between them. This is an instant recipe for endless new original and emotional music!

Let me be as clear as I can:


(Don’t believe me? Ask 10 random people what music makes them cry, and precisely at what moment in the song… and you’ll see it)

How Do I Write Modulations That Make People Cry?

More specifically: where can you find someone to teach you how to write modulations so that they are emotional and actually serve the song - rather than being just a solution to an exercise?

Put simply: so far, you couldn’t.

Up until now, there were NO resources out there that teach you how to write modulations in that way. I can see that you are disappointed. I was too!

I was so disappointed that I started searching everywhere for the secret of modulation. I analyzed hundreds of songs, read dozens of books on the topic, researched how great composers thought of modulations, and how their teachers trained them on key changes…

… And after 5 years of research, I finally put it all together and created the Modulation Mastery course.

In this course, I show you how to write dramatic, engaging, and emotional modulations that actually work with your songs.

This course is for ALL instruments that can play chords. So, this course is for you:

  • If you play guitar OR
  • If you play piano/keyboard, OR
  • If you write music using a computer via MIDI or a DAW (yes, you don’t even need to be able to play an instrument)

If you do ANY of the above, this course works for you. YES, all the examples are played on a guitar, but they are also transcribed in the PDF’s that accompany each video - in both guitar tablature and in standard notation.

Even better: all examples are transcribed in real time, on video. Just watch this video to see what I mean:

You Convinced Me. Say No More.
Just Give Me The Modulation Mastery Course Now

Here’s What You Get In This Course:

You Get Not One But Several Different Ways To Modulate:

  • Cadential Modulations: The most common kind of modulation, typically taught in most undergrad courses of music theory (but they teach them partially, and make them more complex than they need to be). Often used in “classical” music, pop, and jazz.

  • Sequential Modulations: the secrets of Baroque composers (but still used all the time in modern music), Sequential Modulations are based on special chord progressions handed down from master to pupil for centuries. When you learn them, you will realize how several songs you know are nothing more than simple Sequential Modulations… and you will be able to write new songs based on them too!

  • The 5 Doors: The 5 “entry points” of a new key. The 5 Doors are one of the best kept secrets of composers. They allow you to move to another key swiftly and invisibly, or they can be used to create a dramatic stop and change in your music. The 5 Doors will become your “Swiss army knife” when writing modulations, and you can make them sound as “classical” or “modern” as you want.

  • Enharmonic Modulations: often used in jazz, movie soundtracks, and in romantic-era classical music, these modulations let you move between distant keys with ease by using chords that work in both keys (even if the chords themselves are not in either key). It sounds complex, but once you’ve seen it done, it’s the easiest thing in the world and it sounds amazing!

  • Chromatic Modulations: The secret of composers from Wagner to Rachmaninoff, not only are these modulations extremely emotional, but they can take you from any place to anywhere else. And I do mean “anywhere”: you are not limited to major or minor keys, but you can write modulations from (say) D Phrygian to F Lydian Dominant to B Hungarian Minor. (YES, you can modulate between modes or exotic scales!)

  • Melodic Modulations: If you play Rock, Metal, Blues, or any other riff-based style where not all music is made of “chords”, you may wonder how to change keys using only “single note” riffs. Wonder no more! The Melodic Modulations are a collection of 3 different systems to change keys that work in modern riff-based music from Blues to Technical Death Metal.

  • Modern/Avant-Garde Modulations: Use these modulations when you want to disorient or surprise the listener, but you still want the modulation to sound like it’s purposeful and not just “a mistake” or “random chords”. This is a collection of methods that have been used by modern composers in both avant-garde music and film soundtracks.

Plus, You Get:

  • How to “debug” your key change: why modulations that should work on paper do not work in your song, and how to make them work beautifully (hint: it’s not the chord progression)

  • Modulating for contrast and modulating for similarity so that you have the complete range of key changes available

  • A deep dive into both functional and non-functional modulations – yes, there’s a difference, and it’s enormous.

  • The secrets of emotional modulation: how to squeeze every last drop of emotion out of any key change, so you can squeeze every last tear out of your audience’s eyes

  • Adjacent vs Close vs Distant keys and the strategies to use to modulate between them

  • Why most resources out there make it impossible for you to actually hear the modulation… and the missing point that changes everything.

  • Little-known tricks to make your modulations ultra smooth (if that’s what you want) and simultaneously increase the emotional intensity.

  • The one note to avoid in your modulations to keep the momentum going

  • How to trick your listener: make them think you are moving to a key, but go somewhere else… and make it feel like it’s both surprising and inevitable.

  • Exercises to tie it all together and prepare you for the real world.

Who Is This Course For?

This course is for :

  • anyone who plays an instrument that can play chords (i.e. guitar or piano/keyboard), or
  • anyone who composes music using a computer (via MIDI, with a score or a DAW)

You can take this course with confidence if:

  1. You can play a C major chord in at least 3 positions on your instrument (either 3 different inversions or 3 different voicings)

  2. You know how to play major and minor triads and 7th chords (min7, maj7, dominant 7th, diminished 7th)

  3. You know (or at least can figure out if given a few minutes) what notes and triads are in every major and minor key. For instance, you know that G major has the notes G A B C D E F#, and the triads G major, A minor, B minor, C major, D major, E minor, and F# diminished.

If you cannot do the things above, then I recommend you first take my course Complete Chord Mastery

In Every Session You Will Get:

3 (THREE!) Modulation Concepts & Applications Video Lessons: each video lesson is around 20 minutes long. You see me explain all the concepts on both guitar and whiteboard. You will also see everything on a piano keyboard too. I’ll play the examples just as if I was in the same room with you.

Even better: you can stop me anytime, play back the video to hear the explanation again. You can stop-and-restart the video to go at your own pace. You can watch the lesson again as many times as you want and refer back to it even months after that.

3 (THREE!) Modulation Concepts & Applications Audio Lessons: Here, you learn to visualize and internalize what you learned in the video lessons. The content of these audio lessons is the same as in the video lessons. The big benefit to you is that can relisten to the lessons without being able to see what I’m playing or writing on the whiteboard. This way, you internalize these concepts so they become second nature in your mind. This is critical if you want to master what you are learning! Besides, you can listen to and review these audio lessons anytime, anywhere.

3 (THREE!) Modulation Concepts & Applications PDF Lessons: You get a PDF file with the complete word-by-word transcription of every video lesson. All examples are transcribed both in standard notation and guitar tablature so you can read them regardless of what instrument you play.

In addition, each PDF lesson contains extra diagrams, reference tools, and more exercises to help you learn better, faster and more efficiently.

Plus, You Also Get These Awesome Bonuses


That’s right, as an extra special bonus you also get free live video support every week with me, Dr. Tommaso Zillio, who will answer your questions live on video each week (via Zoom).

Never get stuck again on a harmonic concept!

Never sit at home alone wondering if you are learning, practicing, or mastering something the right way!

Get access to ALL recordings of past weekly Live Support sessions for as long as you are an active subscriber to the Modulation Mastery Course!

($57 monthly value! You get it FREE EVERY MONTH for as long as you are an active subscriber)

Free Bonus #2: The Ultimate Collection Of Cadential Modulations - 2998 Modulations You Can Use Immediately!

This massive Collection gives you 2998 modulations that you can use and play immediately. You will have more than 47 (and up to 79) options for every pair of keys that you want to connect.

Every single option is explained in detail, so you know where each chord comes from and why.

The Ultimate Collection is delivered as 4 MASSIVE volumes - more than 600 pages each! – in digital PDF format.

  • Volume 0: How To Use This Collection
  • Volume 1: From Major To Major, pages 1-800
  • Volume 2: From Major To Minor, pages 801-1659
  • Volume 3: From Minor To Major, pages 1660-2330
  • Volume 4: From Minor To Minor, pages 2331-3046

All the modulations in the Collection are ready-to-use - you can put them in your songs as they are, and they will sound great! - but the Collection includes also an explanatory video that show you how you can modify / alter / expand them so if you want you can customize them at will.

Now, let’s be clear:

  • This Collection covers only Cadential modulations (which is one of the 7 possible ways to create modulations - and yes, we cover all 7 ways in the Modulation Mastery course).
  • It does not include all Cadential modulations (that would be impossible!) I picked the 2998 BEST modulations to be good sounding and smooth.

While all the theory behind Cadential modulation is explained in the main course, this eBook gives you enough examples (2998) to start playing and create advanced music right now. It also serves as a source of ideas and examples:

  • You need some inspiration? Just open the Ultimate Collection at random and start playing.
  • You need to connect two “strange” keys? Just find the right chapter, and you have more than 47 options to choose from.

(For more information on the Ultimate Collection, or if you want to buy only the Collection and not the course, go here: The Ultimate Collection Of Cadential Modulations)

($997 value! You get this bonus item FREE with sessions 3, 6, 9, and 12 - one volume at a time)

YES! I Want To Get Started Right Away!
Give Me The Modulation Mastery Course Now

… but will Modulation Mastery work for you? Well, don’t take my word for it. Just ask a few of my students:

"Wow! I’m super excited about Dr. Tommaso Zillio’s new course, “Modulation Mastery.” His courses just keep getting better and better!

"It’s not just a basic modulation course but learn and master how to capture emotion and be creative with modulation and more! Not just change key for the sake of changing key. At first, I thought I already knew how to modulate. Boy was I wrong! So many ways I had never thought of. Endless possibilities.

"Dr. Zillio makes it fun! He explains the concepts and then you do the exercises to learn how to master the concept. Explanations are clear and concise. I’ve already started using the “5 Doors” in my own song writing. “Modulation Mastery” has opened up a whole new world which has boosted my creativity by unlocking doors I never knew existed. There is something for all levels. Experienced songwriters will find new ideas that they can implement right away.

"I highly recommend “Modulation Mastery” by Dr. Tommaso Zillio."

David Schramm - Musician, Songwriter, Educator

"Any time Dr. Tommaso Zillio releases a course, I know it will be great. Modulation Mastery certainly doesn't disappoint.

"Tommaso has a fantastic talent for breaking down potentially challenging topics and making them easy for anyone to understand. The format of each session in Modulation Mastery is laid-back and fun, so it's easy to stay engaged with each video. The activities Tommaso provides at the end of each lesson help to engrain and implement a complete understanding of the course material.

"The techniques I acquired from Modulation Mastery immediately sparked my creativity, allowing me to create fresh, dynamic riffs with seamless transitions. My songwriting has improved, and I now have a deeper appreciation for and understanding of the music I love.

"You can only find this level of high-quality instruction about key modulation in Tommaso's course. If you want to take your music composition to a much higher level and create deep, emotional music, I strongly recommend Modulation Mastery."

Ryan Popovic - Guitar Instructor

"I’ve been writing songs for over twenty years, and I love to hear unexpected chord movements. In this course on modulation, Tommaso guides you through ways that changing key can allow you create incredibly emotionally expressive music.

"In this course Tommaso gives you a ton of really useful perspectives that you can apply even if you’re new to composition and theory, and a way to get much deeper if you are experienced.

"If you want to feel excited and inspired by the sounds coming out of your instrument, I highly recommend Tommaso’s course. It’s clearly explained in a way that allows you apply the ideas to different genres of music and it comes with all the concepts and examples transcribed.

"Without any means of expanding your creative possibilities, after a while either you begin to repeat yourself or you can simply get stuck in a bit of a rut in terms of where you go to on the guitar and piano to get musical sections going. What I like the most about this course is the musical variety and expressiveness you can get to with it - and the way Tommaso’s teaching style makes the ideas accessible."

Diana de Cabarrus - Songwriting Coach

"This course totally blew my mind. I had no idea of how many various (and easy) ways modulation can be used in songwriting. I have been playing guitar for 40 years and thought I knew “a thing or two” about modulations. I had no idea that there was a boatload of other options.

I wish this course had come along sooner in my songwriting journey. I could have used this information in the past to save time and make my songs sound better. While I can’t turn back the clock, I can use all these new options in future compositions.

In addition to all the cool info, the course's structure is ideal for me. I like the casual and laid-back format of the video sessions. It has the vibe of Tommaso and me hanging out on a video chat, and he is showing me some cool stuff. "

Mark Turko - Guitar Progress Specialist

"Wow!! I knew about modulations as a guitar player and teacher, however, I never knew them anywhere near the level that Tommaso covers in his course Modulation Mastery.

"If you are familiar with any of Tommaso’s other courses you know he leaves nothing on the table! The depth at which Tommaso teaches and trains you with modulations in this course is extraordinary to say the least.

"The Ultimate Collection Of Cadential Modulations Encyclopaedia is worth the price alone. I mean 2998 modulations, come on! :) You’re not going to find anything like this anywhere online.

"It is a truly unique course and in his typical fashion, Tommaso will take you by the hand and train you in not just understanding each modulation but how to use them in your own music to maximum effect.

"I cannot highly recommend Modulation Mastery enough. In my opinion, it is essential to have whatever instrument you play. You won’t be disappointed."

Simon Candy - Guitar Instructor & Musician

"What I really like about Tommaso Zillio’s course is, first of all, the way that he explains things; he explains how to use all these really cool modulations very clearly, thoroughly, and in a very fun (and sometimes funny) way.  He has a great personality, and he’s really passionate about the subject and making sure that you understand what he’s saying about it. 

"One big thing that’s unique about this course is that he doesn’t just describe how to do modulations in a dry, technical, “nuts-and-bolts” way… meaning, not like a modulation is some kind of math problem that needs to be solved… and instead he explains how each modulation creates emotions in music. 

"Tommaso also dives way, way, WAY deeper than just the common modulations that everyone knows about… I didn’t realize before seeing this course that there were SO many different types of really cool modulations that I had no clue even existed! 

"If you’re going to buy this course, buy a set of scuba gear, as well… because Tommaso dives SO deep into each of these cool modulations that you’re gonna need it.

"One really important thing is that he doesn’t just teach you “what” the modulations are… he really makes sure that you know exactly how you can actually USE it in your own music, to create the emotions in music that you really want."

Jace Bastian - guitar teacher

"If you feel like your songs and riff ideas all sound similar to each other (and to other people’s songs), learning about (and using) modulations will change that forever.

"Plus: a solid knowledge of modulation can be your secret weapon when it comes to getting into bands as a songwriter, making money as a songwriter… or simply impressing others and yourself with your music.

"If you like Tommaso’s other courses and YT videos and if you want to become a better songwriter (for any instrument) - don’t pass this up. Modulation Mastery is everything Tommaso is promising it is, plus more."

Mike Philippov - Guitar Practice Expert

“You can’t find the wealth of knowledge and practical advice in Modulation Mastery in ANY book. And even if you would find it, you won’t find it explained and demonstrated in such a clear, simple, and practical way that Tommaso explains it in this course.

“There are few things more important for emotional mastery in music than knowing how to move in and out of keys freely without limitations, and there is no one better suited to teach it than Tommaso.

“The cool thing about the course is that Tommaso doesn’t just show you textbook solutions for modulating between one key to another key – he actually shows you the emotional effect the different modulations have on the listener and how you can choose which one to use depending on where you want to take the song. This is extremely valuable for a songwriter or composer of any genre.

“You also won’t find anywhere else so many practical tips on how to easily adjust the modulations in any direction, and even learn how to easily improvise modulations on the spot.

“It’s one thing to know how to modulate between keys fluently, it’s a completely different thing to know how to teach it, and Tommaso has really succeeded in breaking down the modulation know-how into simple steps that anyone can follow.”

Johan Tillgren – Professional guitarist, composer and guitar teacher

Still Got Questions?

“Do these modulations work in Rock / Pop / Jazz / Classical / Avantgarde / Metal / Metalcore / Dubstep?”

  • Yes, not only does it work in any style listed above, and many more (yes, your style too!), but it will give you several options and new ideas to write your own music. Modulations are used in all styles of music.

“How does knowing how to write modulations help my creativity?”

  • Did you ever have a musical idea or write a riff, and realize that the only way you know to make a song out of it was to simply repeat it over and over? Not a great plan, right? As you will see, once you know a couple of simple tricks (that I explain in this course), you can use modulations to go from a single idea or a riff into a longer piece… and make the whole thing sound awesomely organic. LOTS of music out there has been written this way… you just think that the composer or songwriter had an incredible stroke of genius or was hit by inspiration… when in reality, they simply applied one of the ideas contained in this course.

“When I try to use modulations in my music, they sound ”classical” or “jazzy” and I don’t like that sound”

  • That happens because you learned ONE of the ways to change keys, and you probably learned it in an incomplete way (it’s not your fault: it’s very hard to find a complete explanation out there). There ARE ways to make your modulation NOT sound either “classical” or “jazzy” and instead, fit your style and aesthetic perfectly. And these are not advanced ways either! You will be surprised at how natural these modulations sound in your style.

“What if I have questions? What if I need somebody to guide me through the examples?”

  • This course comes with access to LIVE VIDEO SUPPORT. Every week, I will personally answer your questions live on video (via Zoom). From the correct way to finger chords, to tips on practicing the exercises, to using what you learn in your own songs… I’m happy to answer any questions you might have, and help you become the musician you want to be!

“I don’t like the subscription model. I prefer not to keep paying to access the same session. Can’t I just buy the course and have it in my account?”

  • The subscription in my courses works in a different way than what you seem to think: this is not a “Netflix subscription” where you pay to access some content and when you stop paying, you can no longer access that content.

    In my courses, you pay only for the NEW material: every month you receive one or two new sessions (depending on whether you choose the Silver or Gold option below). Not only can you stop the subscription anytime from your account, but you keep access to all the sessions you received so far - even after you cancel. YES, that means that all the sessions you get will stay in your account, and you can download all the material and stream all the videos.

    Not only that, but if in the future, when you restart your subscription, you pick up the course from where you left off (you don’t start over from the beginning and pay again for sessions you already previously paid for)

    So, basically, you ARE buying the course: every time a new session drops in your account, it’s yours and will stay there.

    Why did I set up the course in that way? Because I want you to go through the course at your own pace… and because I want you to be able to review your sessions in the future, however many times you want, without feeling rushed.

“I don’t play guitar. Can I still take this course?”

  • YES! As long as you have a way to play a chord progression somehow, then you can take this course. This means that:
    • If you play piano/keyboard, you can take this course (everything is transcribed in standard notation too).
    • If you are a digital composer and write all your songs in a DAW (Cubase, Logic, Pro Tools, Reaper…, etc.) or in a score (Finale, Sibelius, Dorico…) you can take this course.
    • If you play any other instrument that allows you to play chords, you can take this course.

Here Is What You Need To Do Right Now:

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So, get started right now:

This is your chance to…

Finally Write Dramatic But Perfectly Smooth Key Changes That Serve The Song And Make Your Audience Cry From Sheer Emotion.

Let me take you by the hand and make it easy for you to…

  • Easily write modulations between ANY two keys (or any two MODES!)

  • Confidently come up with different key change options that fit your songs

  • Access the emotional sounds that you hear in movie soundtracks

  • Adapt your modulations to any style, instrumentation, and feeling

  • Let the music come out of you and your instrument like a fountain of creativity… in real time

… and Much, MUCH More!

Claim Your Access To “Modulation Mastery” Right Now

Here’s Everything You Get:

Register now and you’ll be on your way to unlock Modulation Mastery and the incredible bonuses within just a few minutes… and using it to write incredibly emotional changes of key in your music.

To your success,

Dr. Tommaso Zillio

P.S.: If you have no idea how to change a key, or why, then you absolutely must get this course!

P.P.S.: Let’s be blunt: If you pass on this offer, will you ever figure out all this by yourself? And if yes, how many years will that take on your own?

Face it. Most of this information is spread through hundreds of different resources, and poorly explained. Get the Modulation Mastery course NOW, and you’ll be able to access all this knowledge in minutes… and write your first awesome modulations today!

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